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Evergreen Cemetery,
Saint Mary Section
Jacksonville, Florida
These photos were taken Jamuary 2006 by Doug Halsema. If you have photos or information you would like to contribute, please follow this link and contact us.

Entrance Gate

Sign at Halsema Area

Rosa Leonardy Cooper

C.M. Cooper

Charles Cooper

Elenor Halsema Dorney

John Dorney

Halsema Area

George Halsema

Walburga Halsema

Elizabeth Halsema

Iva Canova Halsema

Henry Halsema Area 1

Henry Halsema

Lillian Halsema

Lambertus Julle Halsema

Marie Agnes Halsema

Julian Clement Halsema Sr.

Justus Halsema

Julienne Halsema

Ben Halsema

Lambert Marie Halsema

Henry Halsema Area 2

Joseph Halsema

John Halsema

Rose Halsema Kuhn

Rose Kuhn Pierce

Agnes Halsema Wilkinson

Raymond Wilkinson

Henry Halsema Area 3


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Updated Tuesday, August 22, 2006