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1727: Marriage of Jan Geerts and Aagtie Julles
21-09-1727 Jan Geerts, van Cl Aagtie Julles, van Uithuisen

Hornhuizen en Kloosterburen - NH trouwboek 1721-1750: Transcription courtesy of Herman Wessels

1730: Baptism of Julle Jans Halsema, Jan Geerts and Aagtie Julles's son.
Julle m Cloosterburen 20-11-1730 Jan Gerts & Aagtjen Julles //Vrauke Jans
Baptisms: Den HOORN (Gr) 1727-1811: Transcription courtesy of Josh Timmer

1731: Baptism of Elisabeth Freerks, Julle Jan Halsema's wife
Elisabeth v Oldenclooster 21-10-1731 Freerk Wilms & Trinje Scheltes //Anje Renjes
Baptisms: Den HOORN (Gr) 1727-1811: Transcription courtesy of Josh Timmer


1754: Marriage of Julle Jans and Elisabeth Feerks.

1754: Den 17 Febr. te Hornhuizen in den H. Huwelijken staat bevestigt Julle jans en Lijzabet freericks beijde van Cloosterbuijren.

1754:On Feb. 17 at Hornhuizen in the state of H(oly) Matrimony established:

Julle Jans and Lijsabet Feericks both of Kloosterburen.

This confirms that Elisabeth, daughter of Freerk Boelens, married Julle Halsema, son of Jan Gerts. The dates on this record and the next differ by one day with other data; It is almost certain that church weddings and civic weddings were performed at different times, as is still done today. Comment, transcription, and translation courtesy of John Ketelaars.

Hornhuizen was the administrative area covering Kloosterburen. Surnames were not recorded (probably until the Napoleanic era) because people were well known.

1770: Baptism Eisse Julles Halsema, son of Julle Jans and Elisabeth Feerks.
Eyste /:Eusebius :/ m 14-06-1770 Julle Jans & Elisabeth Freriks //Trinje Julles * Cloosterburen: Den HOORN (Gr) 1727-1811: Transcriptions courtesy of Josh Timmer


1794: 7. Den 10 Augustus te Cloosterbuuren, in den egt verbonden Eijsse Julles van Cloosterburen en Martje Jans van Uithuizen.

1794: On the 10(th) of August at Kloosterburen, in wedlock bound: Eijsse Julles of Kloosterburen and martje Jans of uithuizen.

This confirms that Eijse, son of Elisabeth and Julle, married Martha, the Daughter of Jan Smit. Comment, transcription, and translation courtesy of John Ketelaars.

The witnesses, Geerd Jakobs and Anje Abels, were from Menlingweer and pieterburen respectively. Note that Eijse's surname is not recorded because the recorder assumed knowledge of his surname was well known.


This is the marriage record for Julle Eijse Halsema and Gesina Harms Boerema from December 10, 1827.

Follow this link for a transcription and translation by John Ketelaars.

Excerpt: Julle Eijse Halsema, old 30 years, farmer by profession, born the 10th of Jan 1709 at Kloosterburen according to the baptismal certificate dispensed at Leens; living in Kloosterburen; adult son of deceased Eijse Julles Halsema, (who was) while living, farmer by profession and inhabiting Kloosterburen . . .


Completion of above. Note the signatures.

Follow this link for a transcription and translation by John Ketelaars


Birth Certificate for Lambertus Halsema, November, 19th 1838 at 3:00 AM and recorded on November 20, 1838.

Follow this link to see a translation by Lucy Verlaan.

Excerpt: Julle Eissess Halsema, age 41 years old, profession farmer, living in Mensingeweer who has declared, that on the 19th of November in the year 1838 (eighteen hundred thirty-eight) in the morning a 3:00 o'clock at Mensingeweer, in this village a child has been born of the male gender.

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