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Reception like event

Location: We are still looking for a place to host a reception, The church hall is out of commission due to last year's hurricanes. The beach pavilion is also out of commission. Three of the four big hotels on the beach are shut down until at least December. Aunt Cris has offered the hall at their complex, but that's a fair distance away.

The space at the Kiwi tennis club could hold about 100 people. Early Saturday afternoon shouldn't be a problem to get. When I talked to them business was sparse, so we may have some room to negotiate. Maureen

Content: There's also been some discussion about just what the reception is since it smacks up to dinner time, but I don't think we want to plan a dinner for 75.

If we have a 5:30 reception there will need to be at least some food. Do you all think it's tackey to do something beforehand? Like a tea? We could do family only afterwards. Maureen Libby and I were talking about that too. I kind of like the idea. Paul

If there are COSTCOs that is how we do a lot of our receptions. We could do the Stouffer's lasagna with salad and Italian Bread and cake for dessert, but need to be able to heat all. Terry There's a Sam's here. Paul

We just did a lunch for 350 after a Spirituality Day. Had salad with bowls of add ins (grape tomatoes, onions, croutons,etc), sandwich wraps delivered, homemade soup (cut up vegetables and soup base heated a couple of hours before) Italian bread cut up by the soup station and a tray of cut up fruit. Then a cake.

There is also the heavy hors d'oeuvres route shopping at Costco or similar. This was kind of what I was originally thinking. Paul

If there is a Knights of Columbus Hall and Doug called we might get the "clergy rate" - suggested by my assistant whose family is very involved in the Knights. The ones I'm aware of are on the mainland. If we head that way, we might be better off at Aunt Cris' Paul

If we have a lot of out of town family we are all going to have to eat any way. Terry

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