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CamelCaps are capitalized words with no spaces between. For example:


The wiki uses this pattern as a key to look for a topic by that name and create a link to it for you. If the topic does not exist, it will place a ? (in blue) behind the word to provide a link by which you can create that topic.

There is no ? behind the example above and those below because they are wrapped in < nowiki> tags which shuts off the parsing. (Click "edit" to see)

Conceptually, CamelCaps occur when you capitalize the first letter of each word in a name or phrase and then remove the spaces. So a topic like Florida Halsema's becomes FloridaHalsema's and Doug's Lecture Notes might be DougsLectureNotes. Actually what the wiki looks for is a string of letters with more than one capital letter separated by at least one lower case letter. So ThEtopic? and THEtOpic? are both valid (and different) topic names. Long CamelCaps strings get to be very hard to read (as well as type) so try not to make it too big.

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