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This is the Home page for the Halsema Wiki.

Feel free to create you own pages and sections throughout this Wiki.

The most basic rule of thumb is anything in "CamelCaps" is a wiki link, so just type away in Camel Caps and create as many pages and sections as you desire. Once you type in Camel Caps, a blue question mark will appear after the word. Click on the question mark to add content to your new page! You can also create pages by using double brackets [[ ]]. For example, you can create a page for Anthony Lambert Halsema Sr. using Camel Caps: AnthonyLambertHalsemaSr or by putting his name between double brackets: Anthony Lambert Halsema Sr.

If you create a page, you can also create sub-pages for that page. For example, if your name is Rachael Halsema and you create a page for Rachael Halsema, maybe you will want to add a sub-page with your favorite recipes listed. All you have to do is type /Recipes on your Rachael Halsema page. Then when you save the page it will show up with a question mark so you can add content. Eureka! You can create a limitless amount of sub-pages this way for your Rachael Halsema page.

You can read about some basic text formatting for this Wiki here: TextFormattingRules or here: [Text formatting Rules 2]. It might also be helpful for you to look at [What's Not on this Wiki and Why].

If you are the adventurous type you can simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on edit text of this page and begin.

There are a few Halsema wiki pages up and running.

Follow this link to go back to the regular [halsema.org] website.

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