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Text copied from [SciWiki/HowToUseThisWiki]. Eventually I may add the topics that get referred to below....Paul ==== Efforts to make software easy to use for the un-initiated often have a long term cost that is paid by the well-initiated. (Ever been frustrated by the Autotext feature in MS Word?) This wiki attempts to find a balance. It is not instantly obvious to the new user how this wiki works, however, a small amount of time invested will quickly pay dividends. This topic is designed to lead a person through a brief introduction in how to use this site. Links from this page will provide more details if you care to learn a little more.

The important thing to notice about this site is that nearly everything here is "open content". Meaning, that you add your own ideas to any topic in this site.

[Topics]: This wiki is a collection of [topics]. You are currently reading the "How to use this wiki" topic. Topics start out small and grow as users add their knowledge to them. In this wiki you can:

Related Help on this: CreatingNewTopics?, CreatingLinks?

A challenge: Go to the SandBox topic. Play around, get comfortable. Then, make yourself a topic based on your own name eg: PaulHalsema.

Advanced Wiki: See also the issues of DocumentMode? and ThreadMode? and the ProblemsWithThreadMode?. Which leads us to the all important transition from ThreadmodeToDocumentMode?.

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