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Top ten things I've learned living in South Carolina:

10. I really don't like sweet tea, but I love mint tea.

9. Everything has a cost or price. Spring here is truly lovely, beautiful even. Just ignore the yellow stuff coating your car, your steps, your nasal passages and creating that exploding sinus pressure. It will be gone by summer (but return in time for Fall.)

8. Variety really is the spice of life. Not enough variety and you become, well, the same.

7. Stone ground grits really do taste different.

6. Just because it sounds weird doesn't mean it's not good (Shrimp and grits anyone?)

5. Gluten is WAY overated. I mean, listen to how it sounds... glue - ten. Gross. Might as well eat school paste. Oh wait, that is school paste.

4. Processed food is a metaphor for what is wrong in our society. It puts quantity over quality; ignoring what we truly need or even want for what can be done cheaply and sacrifices taste, creativity and the value of work for ease. ...Except for Dr. Pepper. I'm fairly certain that Dr. Pepper is what makes the Earth spin, thereby giving us gravity.

3. People are strange, but I'm definitely stranger and I like it.

2. Society and cultures are really just a bunch of people squashed together. There is no them, there is only us, or in fact, you. If you don't like the lifestyle, culture, society you live in change it by being different. Don't be afraid to be strange. You are anyway.

1. I totally dig Ean. He's the coolest.

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