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This is the homepage for the Stroh family in North Carolina - Scott, Celeste, and Rebecca (along with two cranky felines).

02/24/2008 - Wow, it has been a while since I updated this page. Well, first and foremost is that I hit my goal for Weight Watchers and have maintaned it for about 2 months now!!! I have lost a little over 37 pounds. What a difference. I have gone down 3 dress sizes since this time last year. Makes getting dressed a pain sometimes as I don't have a lot that fits right now but who cares. It's amazing how life can change when you do something good for yourself. If you want to know how much lighter I feel, go to the store and pick up a big bag of dog food and carry it around for a while. I think tose bags a around 30 pounds so add a little one on top. that was me less than a year ago!!! No wonder I couldn't breathe or enjoy running around with Rebecca, etc., etc., etc. I have learned a lot about myself, my habits, why I have my habits, what is a better, healthier way, and what is out there as alternatives - most of which is actually quite yummy. And am I going to revert and gain it all back, you might ask. NO WAY!!!! While I may not be as strict or I may backslide a little, I will never totally go back to what and how I was eating. For one thing, I just can't eat that much anymore and, for another, I just look at my picture from last year and say noooooo thank you!

As for Rebecca - she is a two year old with all that goes with it. She is so much fun, so interested in everything, has so much energy, and defintely has a mind of her own. It is amazing to watch her learn and explore her world. She loves going new places but can always find new things at her old haunts (we went to the Aquarium 4 times last week, and she had new discoveries each time). She talks constantly now (amazing for my daughter, I know)with ever more complex phrasing - she uses 4 or 5 word sentences now. She is very polite, especially to the cats, which is hysterical. She loves her people and hates when they leave - she'll ignore Scott when he comes home from a trip because she's mad he was away. I know everyone is a proud parent (or should be) but Rebecca is truly an amazing and joyous soul that brightens every day.

10/17/2007 - So I have done a little editing on the page to put the newest entires first. I hope this makes it a little easier to read.

As for my WW - I hit my 25 pound goal before going to FL to visit Mom and Dad. The week in FL was GREAT, although exhausting. Rebecca loved hanging with Nana and Granddaddy. She looks at their picture in her room every day. It's sooo cute. While in FL, I didn't loose any weight, but I didn't gain any either, so that was good. Then I had a meeting today, I had set myself a new goal of losing 5 pounds by Turkey Day, to give myself a bit of a cushion. But it looks like that will have to change. Today I wieghed in at 3.8 pounds less!!! Yeah me!! So I am at a grand total of 29.2 pounds. Just a skosh away from 30. I'll have about another 7 pounds to lose after that. So now my plan is to hit my target by Turkey Day and hopefully that will take some of the pressure off the holidays and let me enjoy a bit more.

09/22/2007 - At my last WW meeting I was just short of my next goal of 25 pounds. I weighed in at 24.8 pounds. Oh, if only I had not eaten that snack! Oh well, I want to lose 25 pounds by the time I go to Florida which is still 1 week away. I think I've got it. Once again Yeah me! Mostly it is really easy to stay on track and it makes me wonder why I waited so long to do this. But I have to admit, there are times when I just want to say to heck with it and go crazy with a Snickers or a Slurpee or something BADDDD. So I allow myself the occasional crazy snack or meal and then I eat a big salad or something. Keeps me sane and seems to be working. I did backslide a little when Scott's family was in town and that taught me a lot about myself. Below are some things I have learned since being on Weight Watchers (these are not necessarily in order):

1. I LOVE FOOD!!!! 2. That's not a bad thing. 3. Balance is good - and the key I might add. 4. There's a lot of crap out there to eat, drink, or somehow get in your system to make you fat. 5. Being fat sucks. I was tired, lazy, cranky (shocking!), out of breath, and no fun at all. 6. Not being fat is wayyyy better. I have energy, am less cranky (truly shocking!), can run around and play with my daughter much better, laugh more, and am generally MUCH HAPPIER!!!! 7. It's ok to "cheat" on occasion. See #3. 8. It's about what makes you happy. If chocolate and Dr. Peppers are your world (like me!), that's ok but it means you have to cut out everything else, eat lots of salad, and be smarter about the chocolate and Dr. Pepper (no more 36 ouncers with the free candy bar from the gas station). 9. My body isn't really meant to intake all that junk out there. It's been telling me this for years but I just put it off as a messed up system. Hmmmm maybe I should have been paying more attention and I would have had less problems when I was younger. 10. It's really not that hard. You just have to do it and stick with it. (Someone remind me of this in a year or so) 11. Support groups rock! 12. I now like what I see in the mirror and I still have about 15 pounds to go; so I'll only like it more. 13. Life is good when you feel good about yourself.

08/09/2007 - So my Weight Watchers meeting was yesterday and I have lost over 18 pounds!! Yeah me. I am well on my way to my ultimate goal and also my minigoal - to lose 20 pounds by my anniversary (in 2 weeks). I bought a new swimsuit and a couple of new tops on sale to celebrate. I also have some great new recipes that are NOT made with tofu, thank you, but are quite tasty and not fattening. If interested, let me know. I think even the anti-gluten girl could eat some of these (though she certainly doesn't need to lose weight!).

08/03/2007 - A little update on me - Celeste. As of the end of July I have lost 17.4 pounds on WeightWatchers?! I'm about halway to my goal. YEAH me!!! I do have to say that I recently went to the store and was buying stuff to try some new recipes. One recipe called for a spice I had never used, cardamon, I think. Now I know why I have never used it. One bottle cost $10 to $12! Yikes, what is this stuff? I decided to try the recipe without it. We'll just have to see.

As for Rebecca, we have some friends in town and we went to the beach with them. The little fish wanted to swim and swim in the ocean. When all the other little kids were running away from the big waves, she was laughing, splashing, waving at the waves, and trying to get me to take her farther out. She is definetly a water baby!

07/24/2007 - Rebecca and I went for a walk in the woods and she was fascinated by the dragonflies, damselflies, and butterflies. The closer they got the louder she laughed in pure joy! What a trip.

Rebecca is almost 19 months now and is running full speed ahead through life. She is full of energy and finds wonder in everything. She is curious and loves music, dancing, books, the water, and being tickled. Her latest escapade involved climbing out of her crib to get her passy. Yikes. Did that scare us. We just heard a thud and ran upstairs. Luckily she was fine and actually quite proud of herself. Later that night she climbed almost halfway up the stairs before I caught her. She was in search of her Daddy, who she could hear upstairs. Adventurous is one word we use around here.

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