WW I Draft and Service Cards
compiled by: editors

Draft Registration Cards are on the top of the page. Service Record Cards are on the bottom of the page.

These images can be a bit out of focus, so we have placed sample forms near the bottom of this page for Draft Card Forms A, B, and C. The Draft Card forms are PDF downloads.

Anthony L. Halsema, Sr.

Basil A. Halsema

Benjamin Halsema

Bernard H. Halsema

Bernard S. Halsema

Cornelius J. Halsema

Cornelius L. Halsema

Flokerius (Fode) Halsema

George Halsema

Henry Halsema

Herbert Halsema

Herman Halsema

John Halsema

John C. Halsema

John C. Halsema

John J. Halsema

Joseph M. Halsema

Julius Halsema

Justus Halsema

Lambert H. Halsema

Lambert Herman Halsema

Lambert J. Halsema

Lambert M. Halsema

Louis Halsema

Martin Halsema

Martin John Halsema

Nicholas Halsema

Peter Halsema

Peter Halsema

Sabe Halsema

Samuel Halsema

William H. Halsema

William J. Halsema

Draft Card A Form PDF link

Draft Card B Form PDF link

Draft Card C Form PDF link
The Items below are Service Cards

Anthony L. Halsema, Sr

Henry Halsema

Joseph Halsema

Lambert M. Halsema

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