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Genealogical Database
Halsema Wiki The Leonardi Family

Antique Documents
Halsema Name and Maps
WW I Draft and Service Cards
Netherlands Death Certificates
Castle Garden
Groot Halsum
Indiana Farms
San Antonio, Florida

Anthony Lambert Halsema
Anthony Lambert Halsema, Jr.
Basil Albert Halsema
Eisse Julles Halsema
Eusebius Julius Halsema
George William Halsema
Henry Andrew Halsema
Jacobus Lucius Josef Halsema
James Julius Halsema
John Cornelius Halsema
Julius Eisses Halsema
Julle Jans Halsema
Julle (Juus) H. Halsema
Justus Selestine Halsema
Lambertus Julles Halsema
Lambertus Remt Halsema
Lucius Hieronymus Halsema
Martha Halsema Slinger

Kevin Halsema
Paul Halsema
Doug Halsema

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Updated Sunday, July 22, 2007

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