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Statistics on the name "Halsema" in the USA

Jan Halsema's Music Page

Listen to or buy his music here. Son of European composer Piet Halsema, Jan Halsema, started his musical training at the Amsterdam Royal Conservatory, but quickly fell in love with the spirit and flavor of American mainstream jazz...

Article by Celeste Halsema, Historian

Although the plantations are gone, their legacies still exist today in the names, families, pride and history of the area that is now known as Chaires.

Halsema Highway Pictures

Photos of Halsema Highway: Skyway to the Mt. Province.

Dee Halsema

an Independent Technical Consultant for HandTech.com which is a computer/technology sales & service company.

Doug Halsema

NASA picture of the day, Save the Rainforests, Art Collection, Feed the Hungry, Games, Search, Health, Music, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Physics, Maps, Directions.

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