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Freek Halsema

Freek Halsema was born in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands in the year 1980. At age 7 he started playing flugelhorn, switching to trombone at age 9, as this great instrument fit him much better. He started in a local brassband, but always kept participating in all kinds of music, from classical to jazz. (info@freekhalsema.com)

John Ketalaar's Family Trees

A beautiful, extensive, and very creatively designed genealogy site on the Halsema And Ketelaars famlies. These pages are maintained by John Ketelaars, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Edwin Halsema's Home Page

Femke Halsema Politieke Bijlage

Femke Halsema (Haarlem, April 25, 1966) is a politician in the Netherlands. She has been in parliament since 1998 for the left-wing ecologist party GroenLinks, Green Left. In November 2002 she unexpectedly became party leader, replacing Paul Rosenmöller.

During the first government of Jan Peter Balkenende she strongly criticized the new and very restricive immigration laws.

At the end of 2003, she temporarily had to retreat as party leader because she was pregnant. On November 1 she gave birth to two twins: Suzy and Bruno. During her absence, Marijke Vos replaced her.

After entering the political arena again, in 2004 she started a wide ideological discussion within the party; breaking with the party's socialist roots, she claimed it was in fact 'the last leftist liberal party in the Netherlands.' Further, she stressed cultural and religious tolerance as core values.


Halsema graduated in criminology at the University of Amsterdam. From 1993 to 1997, before she joined GroenLinks, she worked for the Wiardi Beckman Foundation, the think tank of the Dutch Labour Party Partij van de Arbeid, and from 1996 to 1998 at De Balie in Amsterdam, a well-known Dutch political-cultural centre. With this intellectual background she differs from her predecessor Rosenmöller, who left college to work in the Rotterdam Harbor.From Writers Block: De overstap van Femke Halsema van de PvdA naar GroenLinks wekte nogal wat beroering.

Halsema's Fancy Pigeons Page

The name says it all. Sinds 1 september 1964 zijn we verenigd in een speciaal club om op die manier lijn te brengen in het in stand houden en veredelen van de Deense Tuimelaar. Other sites by Wim Halsema: www.fancypigeons.com, http://www.frieschesierduivenclub.nl.

Genealogy of the Island Texel

This site is dedicated to the genealogy of the former residents of the island Texel in the Netherlands.

Frans Halsema - Biografie

Halsema behoorde niet tot de absolute top van de cabaretwereld, maar speelde er wel een belangrijke rol in. Vooral door liedjes als 'De vroeg grijze generatie', 'Voor haar', 'Kees', 'Zondagmiddag Buitenveldert' en het duet 'Vluchten kan niet meer' zal hij in de herinnering voortleven.

Dr. Annemie Halsema

Annemie Halsema studied philosophy and sociology at Tilburg University, and wrote a PhD dissertation in feminist philosophy (Irigaray) at the University of Amsterdam. She is now postdoc at the University for Humanistics. Her specialisations are feminist philosophy and contemporary French philosophy (phenomenology, hermeneutics, poststructuralism); she is interested in themes such as identity, alterity, embodiment.

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