Eusebius Julius Halsema and Family

by: James (Jim) J. Halsema and ediitors

James Halsema, the primary author of this page, is the son of Eusebius Julius Halsema.
These are Euseibus's parents, Johannes Halsema and his wife Frontika (Veronica) Dutmers. Johannes was a watchmaker who lost an eye at an early age. The loss of his eye is evident n this photo. Photo courtesy of Julian Clement Halsema II.
Euseibus at a young age, probably high school graduation. If so, the photo would have been taken about 1900. Notice the photo was taken at F.W. Greber Studios in New Bremen, Ohio. Many of the formal family portriats were taken there. The photo of his parents above was probably taken there as well.
[IMAGE] Eusebius Julius Halsema was the mayor of Baguio City in the Philippines from1920 to 1937. He was born in the village of New Bremen on the plains of western Ohio on March 12, 1882. Follow this link for a complete biography.
[IMAGE] Captain Eusebius J. Halsema with the US Army in 1918. When the United States entered the first World War, he and other American engineers of the Bureau of Public Works volunteered as officers in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. While on duty in the United States his son Jim was born.
[IMAGE] Eusebius and Marie Halsema at Winter Palace in Peking, China 1936. Eusebius went on his first home leave and married his townmate Marie Boesel, the daughter of the New Bremen banker.

A Japanese woman delegate and Jim Halsema at Tsuda College, Tokyo, Japan. Jim was there for the 1940 Seventh Japan-America Student Conference.

Jim Halsema's Biography

Jim Halsema's Diary from the 1940 Japan Conference


Pass issued to Jim Halsema for travel from Peking to Shanghai, August 1940.

Follow this links to see Jim's current place of Residence.

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