Geroge William Halsema and Family

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Several people contributed the photos below. Thank you to all who did.
If you have additional photos or information you would like to submit, please contact us. --DGH
George William Halsema and Wallie (Walburga Frances Barthle) on the occasion of their wedding in 1894. George is one of Lambertus Julles Halsema's children. Photo courtesy of Bill Kuhn via Dan Dorney.
Wallie (Walburga Frances Barthle) and George William Halsema 18 April 1944 on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. Julian Clement (man standing) is George's son and supplied several photos for this website. This photo courtesy of Rita Hoying.
Circa 1944 Miami, Florida --courtesy of Bill Kuhn via Dan Dorney:
Since John "Jack" Daniel Dorney, Sr.'s Mother died young, George and Wally Halsema raised him. He is in the center, front row of this photo. Rose Halsema, pictured in the 50th anniversary photo above, married Lloyd Kuhn. Their sons Bill and Bob are also in this photo. See the back side of this photo below for identification.
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Backside of photo above from 1944 in Miami, FL which identifies those in the photo.

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