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Born 17 June 1892, Henry Halsema and Mary Buren had two children. During WWI he served in the Army Engineers, being promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

As per Rita Hoying:
Henry was Captain in the Army In WWI. He operated a saw mill in France during WWI. Henry always lived in Jax until he married. He was builder.

Rita Hoying writes: My Mother Mary Duwel Fortamn told me that Henry's mother was very homesick for Ohio when she was pregnant with Henry and her husband, Lambertus, sent her to Ohio to her Brother Bernard Duwel's home for several Months. [Must be John Bernard Duwel] After Henry's birth she returned to Florida. By then her husband had moved to San Antonio, FL.

From: Mary Agnes Buren of Texas (Henry's daughter).
"Daddy (Henry) gave Minster as his place of birth, but sometimes told people St Mary's, for whoever heard of tiny Minster! -thus compounding the error of his place of birth."

Rita Hoying adds: "Minister is in Auglaize County. Henry was born in Shelby County in the Home of Bernard Duwel on Rural Route 1 (Friemering Road) outside of Ft Loramie, Ohio. In the parish Territory of St. Augustine Catholic Church."

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