Henry Halsema and Descendants
by Doug Halsema

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Henry Andrew Halsema was born in Shelby County in the Home of Bernard Duwel on the Rail Road outside of Ft Loramie, Ohio. In the parish Territory of St Augustine Catholic Church.

Ian Halsema Writes: I've named this Anastasia Muse and Henry Halsema with Lambert. Lambert is the Baby. This was taken about 1922 (given Lambert's age in the photo), and a note on the photo says "at Pablo Beach, Florida"

The Buren sisters are identified, from center to right, Catherine Isabel Buren (Sister Mary Cecilia), and Lillian Mary Buren Halsema. The one on the left is tentatively identified as Laura Celestine Buren. From Ian Halsema

Photo from Ian Halsema.

Notice the horse / mule tied up in the background. I have not been able to figure out which boy is Henry. If he is the younger one than the older one is probably Anthony Lambert Halsema Sr. But I don't know. In any event the photo must have been taken between 1892 and 1900 because Henry was born in 1892. Jackie Halsema guesses the younger boy is about 3 of 4 and the older one 5. --DGH . . . Eddie Herrmann writes: The picture shows the Quigley/Bradshaw/Horgan house and a little of the old post office that was just between Horgan's and Leo DeRosier's. Photo from Ian Halsema.
Henry Andrew Halsema and Mary Duwel (Rita's Hoying's Mother) his cousin. Photo from Rita Hoying.

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