Lambertus Julles Halsema and Family
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John Francis and his wife Vivian Ximanes Halsema. Photo courtesy of Rita Hoying.


Wallie (Walburga Frances Barthle) and George William Halsema 18 April 1944. Married in 1894. George is one of Lambertus Julles Halsema's children. Julian Clement, Man standing, is george's son and supplied several photos for this website. This photo courtesy of Rita Hoying.


Maria Agnes (Duwel) Halsema, Anthony Lambert Halsema Jr, Bernard Duwel (Rita's grandfather) and Henry Duwel (son of Bernard and Rita's uncle) Taken in 1929.

Lambertus Halsema Store The Lambertus Halsema General Store in San Antonio, Florida. The Halsema store was about 8,250 sq. ft. They owned two town lots totaling 2,000 sq. ft., but the street they faced did not seem to have a name. The Catholic Church dominated the town. The church was on one side of the Plaza Alameda and the Holy Name Academy was on the other with all the streets named for saints or the Sacred Heart.
Back of Lambertus Halsema Store Back view of the Lambertus Halsema General Store in San Antonio, Florida.

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