Descendents of Lambertus Remt Halsema
by Colleen Halsema

All photos, captions, and comments are posted on the right courtesy of Colleen Halsema.

Standing left, Willem, standing right, Jan, sitting left, Nicholaas, sitting center, Schelto (Charles), and sitting right, Cornelius.

[IMAGE] This is the 50th wedding anniversary photo of the Cornelius and Petronella Halsema Family, taken between 1911 and 1913. Seated, left to right: Theodore Smit, husband of Nellie; Nellie, daughter; Cornelius; Petronella; Lambert (Lambertus), son. Standing, left to right: Anna Moelhman, wife of John; Herman, son; Katherine, wife of Herman; Pieter (Peter), son; Eva, wife of Peter; John (Johannes), son; Geneva (Cele) Halsema, wife of Lambert.
[IMAGE] This picture was taken in 1902, and is part of the family of Cornelius (Charles) and Cornelia (Catherine) Halsema. They are as follows: Standing left to right: Lambert, son; Martin, son Seated in chairs, left to right: Cornelia (Nellie), daughter; Schelto (Charles); Anna, daughter; Cornelia (Catherine) Little girls, left to right: Henrietta, grand-daughter; Louise, grand-daughter. Seated on ground, left to right: Cornelius (Nace), son; Wilhelmus, son; Hubertus (Herbert), son
[IMAGE] Cornelia, wife of Schelto, (our great-great grandparents); Petronella, wife of Cornelius; Elizabeth, wife of Jan; and Wilhelmina, wife of Willem. From looking at the picture, we suspect that they brought a bit of class to the boys, but were also a good match to them in personality.
[IMAGE] A short genealogy of the descendents of Lambertus Remt Halsema.

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