Photogallery: All Souls Cemetery
Sanford, Florida

by: editors
and Jean Gaissert Leonardy

Jean Gaissert Leonardy took these photos and wrote much of the commentary below in November 2002.

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All Souls Parish Catholic Cemetery
301 West 8th Street, Sanford, FL 32771

Jean found the graves of several Leonardy's in All Souls Cemetery. She notes that their spouses were not buried with any of them which seemed strange.

Some of the spouses, like Philip Martin Leonardy, are buried in San Lorenzo Cemetery in St Augustine. Eliza, Philip's second wife is buried in Osteen Cemetery in Deltona at the end of Osteen Cemetery Road. --DGH

Philip Martin Leonardy's thrid wife was: Mary Louise Noda (June 10, 1854-October 14, 1925).

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John George Leonardy died in an auto accident)
He married Herberta Ann Hathcock (1893-1981). Herberta was an attorney and the first woman admitted to the bar in the state of Florida and also the first woman present to the US Supreme Court
Lester Clarke Leonardy (February 3, 1881 - August 11, 1960)
married Anna Lee Beller - no children. Farmer in Osteen - lived in Sanford.
Charlotte Leonardy Walsh also known as Lottie (August 16, 1882 - December 11, 1975) married Charles Walsh and lived in Sanford. I understand he was killed in the second world war and she never remarried.
Philip Antonio Elixander Leonardy (December 16, 1886 - August 9, 1945)
married, but I don't have his wife's name. (His grave marker says he was a Private Veterinary Corps in WWI). He and Walace went to Sanford to start a "bottling company" to make and sell "Bludwine" beverages - there are some bottles on display in the Sanford Museum. (I looked this up on the internet and found it was a herbal type beverage.) Wallace T. leonardy is burried in San Lorenzo next to his father, philip, as a Veteran of the Spanish American War.

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