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I took these photos between 4:30 and 7:00 PM, Eastern Time, 18 August 2002 under an umbrella in the rain. I am finally getting around to posting them 22 November 2005. Westview and St Monica Cemeteries are located in the City of Palatka, on Crill Avenue (9th) and Osceola Street. I am writing the captions from memory, so I'm sure some corrections will need to be made. --DGH

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Caroline McMillin: There is a McMillan Family in the Leonardi Genealogy. Could this be some relation? The grave is right next to Thomas T. Russell's Grave in the Russell section, 143.
Another photo of the above.
View of St Monica Cemetery much of which is contiguous to Westview Cemetery.
St Monica Cemetery:
In 2002 I could find no sign demarking St Monica Cemetery. The boundary between Westview and St Monica is unfenced and runs alongside Westview a distance of several hundred feet.
St Monica Cemetery:
It is rather obvious what part of the cemetery is catholic due to the type of grave markers.
Gates to the Catholic area of the cemetery which are now locked.

The old road and gates into the Catholic area. St Monica is the Catholic Parish in Palatka, founded in 1858.

One more view of the gates which were a bit overgrown in 2002. See St Monica Church here.
Leandre Russell.

This may be family unrelated to Thomas T Russell. As of 2005 we had not made any connection even though she was from St Augustine.

There is a Leandra Russell on the 1880 census in Putnam County married to a Charles B Russell. She is about the right age, b. abt 1843.

The Russell and Usina section:

Most of the Russell graves in this cemetery are in this little enclosed area with members of the Usina family. This is in the catholic section of the cemetery. Although Thomas T. Russell was Episcopalian, both of his wives were Roman Catholic. Thomas T Russell graves is not in St Monica. It is in Westview.

A Small gravesite and stone in the Russell and Usina section.
I think this is another photo of the general Russsell and Usina area which is behind the iron enclosure, but I'm not certain.

William J. Russell in the Russell and Usina section. As of 2005 we do not know whether or not he is related to Thomas T Russell..

Another closer photo of the above. The internment record says he drowned.

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