San Lorenzo Cemetery,
St. Augustine, Florida

by: editors
These photos were taken in the rain and with a shakey hand, consequently, the quality is not high. If you have photos or information you would like to contribute, please follow this link and contact us. --DGH

Entrance Gate

Sign at Entrance

Celestino & Flora Leonardi

Cemetery Chapel

Chapel Sign

John P. Phillips, Jr.

Jennie Leonardy

George & Ignacia Leonardy

George & Ignacia Leonardy

George Nicholas Leonardy

Daniel and Mich. M.

Everett Canova

John & Maria Philips

John J. Leonardi

Kate Desselberger

Mathew J. Canova

Rita & Annie Leonardy

John L. Phillips, Sr

William Desselberger

Joseph A. Leonardy

Joseph A. Leonardy

Nellie Mickler Canova

Wallace, Marie, John Leonardi

Wallace & Maria Leonardi, Sr.

Philip Leonardy Area

Philip Leonardy Text

Philip Leonardy Broken Top Cross

Philip Leonardy Base

Wallace T Leonardy Veteren

Wallace T. Leonardy Text

Philip Leonardy Base

Wallace T Leonardy side view

William Desselberger, Jr.

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Updated Sunday, November 27, 2005