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Translations and transcriptions for baptismal records are courtesy of Marguerite Mathews.

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These documents are important for the point of origin clues and vital statistics they provide. Furthermore, these documents and others demonstrate different spellings of the surname and first names. In Menorca the surname was spelled Lionardi (Roque and Esperanza’s marriage record), and Fr Camps seemed to consistently spell it Lleonardi or Lleonard (GBM). Fr. Thomas Hassett spelled it Leonardy on CPR baptisms and deaths, but used the spelling Leonardi on his 1786 census. In the Escrituras, Roque seemed to sign his name Rocco Leonardy. On Roque's CPR death record, Fr. Miguel O'Reilly spelled the surname Leonardi. The 1784 Spanish Census also reads Leonardi, but the same family is recorded in the 1793 Census as Leonardy.

In the Catholic Church Sacramental records from the parish of San Bartolomeo, in the town of Gragnanella, within the province of Garfagnana, Italy, we see that one particular priest recorded most of Roque’s immediate family as Lunardi. Follow this link for the spelling Lunardi.
Signature of Rocco Leonardy (Roque) taken from Escrituras (Notarized Instruments) 1784-1821. His signature appears a few times in these documents. Or at least someone signed his name this way. His signature also appears once as Roque Leonardy under a different handwriting. The thumbnail reveal the signature in the context of the notarized statement. This link is a cut away of his signature only.
Rochus Lionardi (Roque Leonardi) and Esperanza Balla Marriage Record from Menorca. Clicking on this thumbnail reveal a high resolution scan since the document is hard to read (300 ppi), 10 March 1768.
The following Baptismal Records are films of two sources:
Golden Book of Minorcans (GBM) = Fr. Pedro Camps' Registers (Births in New Smyrna beginning in 1768- 16 Nov. 1777; Births in St. Augustine 16 Nov. 1777-1784)
Click on the thumbnail on the right to view the cover page for the GBM

CATHEDRAL PARISH RECORDS = CPR (These records begin in 1784)

GBM No. 10- Jacoma Lleonardi born 23 February 1771; bapt. 24 February 1771 by Fr. Pedro Camps (in New Smyrna). Full name: Jacoma Antonia Lleonardi (hija). Parents: Roque & Esperanza Balle. Sponsors: Juan Columines & Ynes Generino.
GBM No. 16-Maria Lleonardi born 14 August 1772; bapt. 16 August 1772 by Fr. Pedro Camps (in New Smyrna). Full name: Maria Rosa Lleonardi (hija). Parents: Roque & Esperanza Balla. Sponsors: Luis Buxentini & Margarita Moil.

GBM No. 9- Colorinda Lleonard born 15 February 1775; bapt. 16 February 1775 by Fr. Pedro Camps (in New Smyrna). Full name: Colorinda Josefa Antonia Lleonard (hija). Parents: Roque & Agueda Coll. Sponsors: Angel Baquer & Josefa Baquer.

GBM No. 3- Joannes Peregrinus Lleonard born 26 January 1777; bapt. 28 January 1777 by Fr. Pedro Camps (in New Smyrna). Full name: Joannem Peregrinum Lleonard (filium). Parents: Roci & Agate Coll. Sponsors: Peregrinus Pongoni & Rafaela Pongoni.

GBM No. 5 - Jacoba Lleonard born 27 March 1778; bapt. 28 March 1778 by Fr. Pedro Camps (in St. Aug). Full name: Jacobam Josefam Lleonard (filiam). Parents: Roqui & Agate Coll. Sponsors: Guillermus Liambias & Josefa Coll.

GBM No. 10- Joannes Lleonard born 06 June 1779; bapt. 20 June 1779 by Fr. Pedro Camps (in St. Aug). Full name: Joannem Aloisium Lleonard (filium). Parents: Rochi & Agate Coll. Sponsors: Joannes Profood proxy for Ludovicus Capelli & Cecilia Dumet proxy for Agnnes Cosifaxi.
GBM No. 20- Petrus Lleonard born 17 June 1781; bapt. 20 September 1781 by Fr. Pedro Camps (in St. Aug). Full name: Petrum Nicolaum Dominicum Lleonard (filium). Parents: Rochi & Agate Coll. Sponsors: Nicolaus Nicodi & Josefa Nicodi.

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