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These images prove that both Esperanza Balla and Agueda Coll were from Menorca as well as contain other important genealogical information.

Baptismal record for Esperanza Balla, 14 July 1749 --interpreting the month as July is based upon the next month in the book being August. Parents, Bartolomeu Balla and Fransisca Elias.

Baptismal record for Agueda (Agada) Marie Coll, 14 Sept, 1751. Parents, Bartolomeu Coll and Josepha Sintes. In Florida census records, and consequently research, Agueda's mother is often listed incorrectly as Josefa Pons.

Marriage record for Agueda Coll's first of three Marriages. Husband of record here is Juan Castellvell. Very interesting error in the record -- The wrong name is listed as the bride in the left column. Agueda Coll is listed correctly in the text on the right side. Notice the same name is listed for the bride in the succeeding record. This record also confirms that Agueda's mother's name was Sintes not Pons. The records from new Smyrna, FL list Agueda as initially being married to Juan Castellvell.

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