Roque Leonardi's Parents and his Siblings, Gragnanella, Italy
includes: Marriage Record for Giovanni Lunardi and Giacoma Biagioni
Their Children's Baptismal Records.
Roque's Confirmation Record

Roque Leonardi's Children with Esperanza Balle and Agueda Coll, Menorca and Florida
includes: Roque and Esperanza's Marriage Record, Menorca
Children's Baptismal Records, Florida
Roque Leonardi's Death Record, Florida
Agueda Coll's Death Record, Florida
Agueda Coll's Birth Record, Menorca
Esperanza Balla's Birth Record, Menorca
Agueda Coll's First Marriage Record, Menorca
Roque Leonardi Early Census Data, Florida
includes: 1784 Original Census and Translation
1786 Original Census and Translation
1787 Census Translation
1793 Original Census and Translation

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