The Leonardi Family
plays an important role in the history and life of the Halsema family in the State of Florida as well as in other parts of the country to which Halsema / Leonardi genes have migrated.
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Leonardi Wiki

Fr. Pedro Camps
Saint Photios National Shrine
Antique Documents
Coats of Arms Leonardi
Coats of Arms Italian
Coquina Symposium 2000 pdf
Leonardi Surname and Origin
Leonardi Surname Variants
Tampa Daily Times Leonardi
Maps 1500's -1800's Italy
Maps Roque's Home Region
Fosciandora & Ceserana
Gragnanella & Castelnuovo
Marine Street.
Roque's Land Florida
Roque's Places Italy
Saint Augustine, Florida
Working Hypothesis

Leonardi Photographs
Antonia Bonelli Leonardi
Celestino Julian Leonardi
Colorinda Leonardi

Jane Leonardi
John Daniel Leonardi
Saint John Leonardi
Joseph Antonio Leonardi
Philip Martin Leonardi
Roque Pelligrino Leonardi
Roque Santos Bartolome Leonardi
Thomas T Russell
Raphael Bartolome Canova

Kevin Halsema
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Doug Halsema

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