Photogallery: Mahon (Mao) Harbor, Menorca

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Roque Leonardi, of Italy, and his new wife Esperanza Balla, of Menorca, sailed from Menorca in 1768 heading for New Smyrna, Florida.

Mahon, or Mao, as it is known has been the capital of Menorca, since the British moved it from Ciutadella in 1721. The reason being the harbour at 5 km long, over 1 km at Its widest point, and 15-30m deep it is one of the largest natural harbour in the world, this coupled with Its location in the Mediterranean, has made it a strategic stronghold for many nations throughout history.

Beautiful Port Mahon against a bright blue sky.

Sailing Mahon Harbor on a tall cruise ship. Beautiful panoramic view. Use this thumbnail for 20 inch wide view.

This version of the above thumbnail is a wide 65 inch image which allows for much greater detail although at a loss of resolution..
Contemporary map of Menorca showing its major cities.
Antique map of Menorca circa 1768 showing its major cities. Used with permission, Florida State Archives.
Antique map of old Port Mahon Harbor circa 1747 showing many major points of interest. Used with permission. Image permission and accompanying citation.

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