Roque Leonardi's Land

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Property holdings of Roque Leonardi 1877-1801
Hand drawn sketch of where Roque's properties may have been in St Augustine between 1778 and 1800. Follw this link for some comments on this sketch.
Roque's Land Surveyed in 1850, St. Johns County.
This image is 25.7 W x 20.9 H.
Plat T. 5S. - R. 29 E. East Florida showing private claims surveyed by Henry Washington in 1834 and R.W Norris resurveyed in 1849 and A.M. Randolf resurveyed portions of the plat in 1850 Scale 1:40 chains.
SAHS Research Library: Location: Map 16-1-8

Follow this link to view Spanish Land Grants for Roque Leonardi.

Detail of the above focusing in on Roque's property.
This image is 32 W x 24.2 H.

Color photos of this area are below.

Looking east across Roque's aprox. 2000 acres. I drove out to try and figure out where Roque's land once was. I went as far as I could before I ran out of dry ground (if i was in the correct place). I met some young guys with bass boats, pickups, dogs and Bush Beer there, and they told me that the Davis family of Winn Dixie Supermarkets now owned the property I was asking about. They were very conversational --maybe it was the beer.
Looking East across the same acreage --sure is beautiful here.
Looking North east across the same property. The current is swift.
Images of the 2000 plus acres once owned by Roque Leonardi. This thumbnail and the ones below are several views of the same area at different zoom levels. I based these maps on the plat map above. If anyone has a more specific location or photos, or would like to drive out there and find the property, please email us and let us know. Maps 3 and 5 below have an + or a star showing where I thought the property might be. Map 4 below shows Pine Island Road. After identifying the aprox location of the property, I looked for a road to get me there. I took US 1 to Pine Island Rd, and took that dirt road to the end. I took the phots above from that spot. There is a small boat ramp, etc there. _DGH
General area showing the proximity of US 1.
+ marks the aprox location. I based this on the fork in the creek. If I guessed right, and this is the same fork that is on the plat above, the north fork identifies the north boundery of the property and the south fork runs through the heart of the property. Notice also Smith Creek on this map which is also listed on the plat map above.
Detail of the map above showing the names of the forks as Deep Creek and Sweetwater Creek. This map also shows the proximity of Pine Island road.
* Marks the spot from where I think I took the photos above. It's hard to be sure because Pine Island Road had a couple of forks in the road. This map is another deeper detailed map of the above leading me to believe the aproximated location is just about correct because Marshalls Creek is on this map which is also on the plat map. Both Maps indicate Marshalls Creek is just south of Roque's property.
Threse next three maps may help to enhance the search because they are a few years newer than the above and from a different company. They also show the property's location in relation to Guana River State Park This map shows the general area.
This map shows the property's location in relation to Guana River State Park.
Detail of the map above showing the Guana River State Park area and Pine Island.

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