San Bartolomeo or Saint Bartholomew: Bartholomew literally means son of Tolmai, one of the twelve apostles (Matt. 10:3; Acts 1:13); generally supposed to have been the same as Nathanael. In the synoptic gospels Philip and Bartholomew are always mentioned together, while Nathanael is never mentioned; in the fourth gospel, on the other hand, Philip and Nathanael are similarly mentioned together, but nothing is said of Bartholomew. He was one of the+ disciples to whom our Lord appeared at the Sea of Tiberias after his resurrection (John 21:2). He was also a witness of the Ascension (Acts 1:4, 12, 13). He was an "Israelite indeed" (John 1:47).

Italian Places in Roque Leonardi's Life
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Church of San Bartolomeo, Gragnanella:

These photographs are from The area where Roque Leonardi (Rocco Lunardi) was born and baptized. He was born in the town Gragnanella and baptized there in the Catholic Church of San Bartolomeo. This is page two of two for the photos of San Bartolomeo Church.

Dedication upon restoration of the church:
La comunita di gragnanella emula della pieta degli avi questa chiesa di san bartolomeo restauro e consolido con difficile opera initiata nel MCMLXXVIII completata con unanimita e per severanza nel MCMLXXXVI

Very rough translation: The community of Gragnanella recognizes and emulates the piety of the forefathers of this Church of San Bartolomeo in initializing the difficult work of restoration in the year 1978 and completing it for service in 1986.

Statue of Jesus Christ in the Church of San Bartolomeo, Gragnanella, Italy.
San Bartolomeo, Crucifix and scene
San Bartolomeo, cupola above sacntuary / altar area. Saint Bartholomew is depicted at the crown of the cupola:
San Bartolomeo statue
Madona / Mary Mother of God 1
Madona / Mary Mother of God 2
Stairs to chior loft just inside front entrance of church.
View from behind the altar showing choir loft, organ pipes and front door area.
View from the pews facing the main sanctuary / altar area, notice Madona painting, and the dedication plaque in the entrance to the main sancturary area.

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