Italian Places in Roque Leonardi's Life
by the Editors

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Streets and vistas of Gragnanella:

These photographs are from the area where Roque Leonardi (Rocco Lunardi) was born and baptized. He was born in the town Gragnanella and baptized there in the Catholic Church of San Bartolomeo.

These photos are of the streets, roads, road side shrines, porches, and paths of the town of Gragnanella.

Streets stairs and doors of Gragnanella 1
Streets of Gragnanella 2
Streets of Gragnanella 3
Streets of Gragnanella 4

Streets of Gragnanella 5

Streets of Gragnanella 6

Streets of Gragnanella 7

Streets of Gragnanella 8
Via Meriggio sign 9
Via Meriggio, high road and low road 10
Shrine on Via Meriggio 11
Flowers along side Via Meriggio 12
Typical walkway / path in Gragnanella 13
Typical transportation in the towns of Garfagnana, coming into town 14
Motoring out of town. Good Bye! 15

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