Photogallery: Italian Places in Roque Leonardi's Life
by the Editors
These photographs are from the area where Roque Leonardi (Rocco Lunardi) was born and baptized. He was born in the town Gragnanella and baptized there in the Catholic Church of San Bartolomeo. Some of the records for Roque's baptism etc, from Gragnanella were found in the Franciscan Convent in Castelnuovo.
Castelnuovo of Garfagnana

Franciscan Convent, River Serchio, Streets

Gragnanella: the place

Roque's birthplace: the beautiful countryside

Gragnanella: the streets
Roque's birthplace the town, the streets
San Bartolomeo 1

The Catholic Church in which Roque Leonardi (Rocco Lunardi) was baptized.

San Bartolomeo 2
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Cartography of Modena Region 1733, contemporary Tuscany Region, and Garfagnana Province.

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