Halsema Farms in Indiana

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From: The Tippecanoe County, Indiana Farmer's Directory, 1919
Farmer Wife Children Other Household Members Farm Name Township Section Status Acres Owned Owner Resident in County Since
Halsema, Cornelius J. Johnson, Minnie Edna, Marie     Shelby 23S Tenant 160 Charles Bender 1891
Halsema, Herman Zink, Katherine       Fairfield 24 Owner 65   1876
Halsema, Lambert B. Halsema, Jean John, Lucy, Celia, Lambert, Neal, Seab, Peter, Helen     Shelby 23-24S Owner 127   1870
Halsema, Lambert H. Culley, Julia Charles J., Vincent   Kerkhoff Farm Fairfield 34 Tenant 116 Fred Lemper 1909
Halsema, Lambert L. Reuzenaar, Elizabeth Elizabeth, Nellie, Louis, John, Mary, Martha  

Truck Farm

Fairfield 10 Tenant 28 Duffy Est. 1890
Halsema, Louis Zink, Josephine Mildred, Edith, Lawrence, Homer, Evelyn   Halsema
Dairy Farm
Fairfield 15 Tenant 182 Vinton Est. 1889
Halsema, William H. Zink, Bertha Louise, Dorothy, Edward, Robert, Margaret, Carl     Fairfield 9 Owner/Tenant 112/30 Wilbur McMullen 1889
Smit, Theodore Halsema, Nellie   Nephew Henry Helsema Frog Pond Farm Fairfield 25 Owner/Tenant 41/60 Marguerite Brown and Mr. and Mrs. John Nally 1899


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