Antique Kloosterburen Maps

by the Editors

Follow this link to view current maps of this same Kloosterburen area and Halsemastraat in Kloosterburen. Notice the current maps have the same landmarks as these maps do.

Click the images on the left to view the maps in greater detail.

This modern map of the Kloosterburen area was designed and provided courtesy of John Ketelaars. John drew this version on his computer based on the antique map just below in the next row.

This antique version of the map above was provided by the van Halsema's as is the origin of the van Halsema surname cited below. This is a Detail of a map of Groningen from circa 1650 with Halsum (top center of map) noted in the Ouden Clooster area, now Kloosterburen. [Map from Jaarboek voor de Geschiedenis van de Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland, 1, Kampen, 1987.]

The younger Frerick Derck Halsema (III), born at Loppersum in 1682, also grew up as a Roman Catholic.  While still young, he became an orphan and inherited the estate of his parents and a number of other uncles and aunts who died childless.  In 1696 he registered as an apprentice to the Roman Catholic silversmith Entinck in Groningen.  Later, in July 1704, he became a member of a Jesuit piety society affiliated with the "Aa" church.  He was the first member of the family to add the word "van" to the "Halsema name. Later in life he also called himself "Frederik Willem," the reason for which is not known.

Two of Frerick's designs may be seen in the Halsema Art section.

1865-1870 municipal map of Leens showing Wehe, Den Horn, Mensingeweer, and many other areas in relationship to the municapality of Kloosterburen.
1865-1870 municipal map of Kloosterburen.
1856-1870 provincial map of Groningen.
Municipal and regional classifications in the province of Groningen 1811-1829
1617 Map of Groningan / Freisa download at 150 ppi.

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