St. Willibrordus Catholic Church

by Koos Halsema and John Ketelaars

Ever since the Reformation, the parish Den Hoorn was the only one in the Marne region, so that the Catholics of Kloosterburen had to make the trip to the church of Den Hoorn for their religious services, through wind and through rain. The road condition was very poor, especially during the winter, and when the number of Catholics in Kloosterburen began to grow, at the start of the 19th century, plans were made to found their own church and their own parish.

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Bids for the work were solicited on 25 Feb 1842. On 2 May the building started and within two month the church and rectory were completed. The inauguration took place on 27 September and the first rector of the new parish of Kloosterburen was named in January 1843. The building cost 14,000 guilders and received a subsidy of 4000 guilders.


The Roman Catholic Church, St. Willibrord, built in 1868 (architect Cuypers), on the Hoogstraat (highstreet), viewed from the north-east. Reproduction of a postcard from 1890. The old rectory was replaced in 1908.

St. Willibrordus Church

[IMAGE] Iinside of St. Willibrord Church in Kloosterburen. Courtesy John Ketelaars.

[IMAGE] Organ at St. Willibrord

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