Kloosterburen, circa 1900
by John Ketelaars

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From: "Fotoboek, Kloosterburen, Rabobank 1914-1989", Scholma Druk bv, Bedum, 1989 The book was published at the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Kloosterburen and area Farmers' Cooperative Bank (Rabobank). Comments and Translation by John Ketelaars.

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Butcher: Butcher Cornelis Halsema at work, around 1900. The killing occured often on the farm in the open air. The wooden bucket (left) is to catch the blood of the butchered animal.


The RC church built in 1868 (architect Cuypers), on the Hoogstraat (highstreet), viewed from the north-east. Reproduction of a postcart from 1890. The old rectory was replaced in 1908.


Dogcart: Eisse Muller on the farm that used to belong to Fred Hegge at the time. Eisse is standing behind the dogcart,on which stands a barrel full of herring and a wicker basket with apple. He wears his pulover over a cotton "pilo" (pants). Picture taken around 1900.

[IMAGE] Feddemaheerd: Feddemaheerd, at the end of the last century. On the foreground the family Feddema; mother Elisabeth with on her left Willem and on her right Petrus: Petrus was the founder of the bank.
[IMAGE] Groothalsum: Farm Groot-Halsum, (located at) 16 Dijksterweg, around the turn of the century. Current occupants family R.W. A. Halsema. On the right on the bench Eise halsem, great-grandfather of the current occupants. On the left side of the bench Tjaard Halsema, co-founder of the bank.

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