Old San Antonio, FL
by Doug Halsema`

These late 19th century and early 20th century photos of San Antonio are part of the collection of Doug and Paul Halsema.

Eddie Herrmann writes: The picture shows the Quigley/Bradshaw/Horgan house and a little of the old post office that was just between Horgan's and Leo DeRosier's. Photo taken between 1892 and 1900 because it features Henry Andrew Halsema who was born in 1892. Photo courtesy of Ian Halsema, Henry's grandson.

Train Station in San Antonio, FL. The side of the building reads "Southern Express Company."

House in San Antonio built by Anton Halsema (Anthony Lambert Halsema) 1911. Anthony Lambert Halsema out front with woman and teenage male. This photo of Anthony Lambert Halsema on this webpage is cut from this photo. Photo Courtesy of Rita Hoying. On the official San Antonio website there is a photo of a house looking very much like this one with a sign out front stating: Dooner Residence.
1890's: Halsema Home in San Antonio, Florida with Lambertus Julles Halsema and Maria Agnes (Duwel) Halsema his 2nd wife. Photo Courtesy of Rita Hoying
1890's: Halsema's House in San Antonio Florida with some of the family on the porch. Photo Courtesy of Rita Hoying.
Halsema Store in San Antonio, FL mid 1890's. Photo courtesy Rita Hoying.
1900-1910: The Lambertus Halsema General Store in San Antonio, Florida. The Halsema store was about 8,250 sq. ft. They owned two town lots totaling 2,000 sq. ft., but the street they faced did not seem to have a name. The Catholic Church dominated the town. The church was on one side of the Plaza Alameda and the Holy Name Academy was on the other with all the streets named for saints or the Sacred Heart.

Halsema Family outside their home in San Antonio, FL.
Parents: Lambertus Julles Halsema, and Maria Agnes (Duwel) Halsema. Children Left to right as Identified by Paul and Doug Halsema: Joseph Maria, Henry Andrew, Anthony Lambert (Anton), Lambertus Maria (Batus), John Francis. Paul and Doug estimate this photo was taken circa 1905 by estimating John is 4 or 5 and Anthony about 16. Ben was in San Francisco in 1906 according to the Frisco boarding house photo

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