recipe Chicken Divine
recipe More Than Just Potato Soup
recipe Nasi Goreng
recipe Klont / Lump
recipe Kruidkoek / Spice Cake
recipe Loie Wievenkost / Lazy Wive's Fare
recipe Stamppot Boerenkool / Hodge-Podge Cabbage
recipe Stamppot van Gedroogde Appelen /
Hodge-Podge of Dried Apples
recipe Divinity Candy
recipe French Cake
United States:
recipe Angel Flake Biscuit (Julie Halsema)
recipe Angel Flake Biscuits (Jackie Halsema)
recipe Avocado Sandwiches with Fresh Vegetable Soup
recipe Baked Lasagna
recipe Banana Bread
recipe Better Than Sex Cake
recipe Buckeyes
recipe Chicken Fruit Salad Supreme
recipe Chocolate Streusel Bars
recipe Deep Dish Brownies
recipe Double Chocolate Mint Bars
recipe Fudge Pie
recipe Halsema Yogurt Cake
recipe Harvey House Slaw
recipe Italian Meat Sauce
recipe Italian Potatoes and Peppers
recipe Macaroni Salad
recipe Marinade for Pork Tenderloin or Thick Pork Chops
recipe Meringue Drops
recipe Missouri Cookies
recipe Original Tollhouse Cookies
recipe Overnight Eggs and Cheese
recipe Snickerdoodles
recipe Southern Potato Salad
recipe Spinach Salad
recipe Yellow Squash Casserole
Welcome to the Halsema Family Cookbook! These recipes have been shared by Halsemas from around the world and reflect a wide variety of tastes and cultures.

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