James Julius Halsema

The second born of two children of Eusebius Halsema and Marie Boesel, Jim Halsema has been an inspiration to the editors of this website since 1997. He is our second cousin and a joy to call our friend.The photo Gallery and essays to the left tell his story.Jim is named after his father Eusebius, Eusebius being the Latin name for James. Jim once commented to me, “Thank goodness they stopped the Latin naming tradition with my generation”! –Doug Halsema

Most of the information on this website concerning Jim’s father, Eusebius, comes courtesy of Jim Halsema, –Thank you Jim! –editors, halsema.org

Jim passed away in 2005 –rest in peace dear friend.

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James Halsema, the primary author of this page, is the son of Eusebius Julius Halsema.