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Freek Halsema

Freek Halsema was born in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands in the year 1980. At age 7 he started playing flugelhorn, switching to trombone at age 9, as this great instrument fit him much better. He started in a local brassband, but always kept participating in all kinds of music, from classical to jazz.

John Ketalaar’s Family Trees

A beautiful, extensive, and very creatively designed genealogy site on the Halsema And Ketelaars famlies. These pages are maintained by John Ketelaars, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Halsema’s Fancy Pigeons Page

The name says it all. Sinds 1 september 1964 zijn we verenigd in een speciaal club om op die manier lijn te brengen in het in stand houden en veredelen van de Deense Tuimelaar.

Genealogy of the Island Texel

This site is dedicated to the genealogy of the former residents of the island Texel in the Netherlands.

Frans Halsema – Biografie

Frans Halsema is a Dutch singer with a varied background, including cabaret, pop, ballads, and musical theater, whose career began in the 1960s and carried on to the time of his death in the early ’80s. Born Franciscus Halsema on September 1, 1939, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, he got his start. . .