Lambertus Ship

The Steam Ship Bremen sailed out of Germany from the port of Bremen in April of 1866. The Captain on the Voyage was H. A. F. Neynaber (Hermann Friedrich August Neynaber 1822-1899). Lambertus Halsema Arrived on 22 May 1866 in New York in Castle Garden aboard the SS Bremen.

I counted 734 passengers on the manifest. He is about the 731st person listed where his name appears as L. Halsema. It looks like it says 29 years old, but it might say 27. It’s hard to read. –DGH

This painting of the Bremen, (oil on canvas), is signed Fr[itz] Müller, 1858. 55,5 x 85 cm. It is now located in the Focke-Museum, Bremen.

The artist, Fritz Müller, was sea captain and private teacher for nautical practice by profession. He nearly exclusively portrayed the larger local vessels in a well balanced composition with a lively background, e.g. a harbour view or other shipping.

In 1848 Muller joined the First Federal German Fleet, which existed for only a short time. He emigrated to the northern United States sometime between 1854 and 1861, where he enlisted in the Civil War. He was apparently killed in action, for no further trace of him exists (adapted from “Ship Portrait Artists” by Karsten Buchholz).

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