by Kaitlyn Halsema, 2003

Life; a perpetual notion circling around in a cycle under the control of no one – anything is possible,
Butterflies flutter slowly away, seeming as if they could soar into deep space,
The roar of a Kodiak, rumbling deep through the taiga,
A man lounging in his chair by a warm fire, unaware of the horrible likenesses of the world,
A house cat purring softly, rubbing her soft fur against her owner’s leg,
The birds chirping & soaring through the sunlit sky, unaware of the fluffy clouds that they lightly glide through,
These are the things we all think about when we think about life, but these are only a few of the good things in the world none of the bad,
So acknowledge these truths, these facts, these words, and remember that not all of the world is just that good.