Silver Spoon of Julle Jans Halsema and Elisabeth Freerks

by Drs J.M.B. Boelens & O.J. Nienhuis

It may be true that Julle Jans, the husband of Elisabeth Freerks Boelens was never called “Halsema” in the official documents. However, he certainly called himself this, as is shown in this picture from the Boelens book, page 516. The spoon has the following notation by the authors: (translated) “Spoon with trefoil-handle; inscription J.J.H. [Julle Jans Halsema] L.F. [Liesbeth Freerks] 81 over 88 = 1781; mark W= Antonius J. Warffemius, master at Nieuwschans; property of Drs. E.O. van der Werf in Groningen”
The authors make the point, that Elisabeth never appears with the name “Boelens”.