The Art of Frerick Halsema

by Herman van Halsema, Nijmegen NL

Frerick Halsema (1682-1767) — whose name changes later in life included Frerick Dercks Halsema, Fredericus van Halsema and Frederik Willem van Halsema — was the first family member to add “van” before the Halsema part of his name.

Frerick Derck Halsema (III), born at Loppersum in 1682, also grew up as a Roman Catholic.  While still young, he became an orphan and inherited the estate of his parents and a number of other uncles and aunts who died childless.  In 1696 he registered as an apprentice to the Roman Catholic silversmith Entinck in Groningen.  Later, in July 1704, he became a member of a Jesuit piety society affiliated with the “Aa” church.  He was the first member of the family to add the word “van” to the “Halsema name. Later in life he also called himself “Frederik Willem,” the reason for which is not known.

This silver urn was made circa 1710 by Frerick Halsema (1682-1767). The Groninger Museum, where the piece now resides, catalogs it as:

Kraantjeskan / Coffee urn Frerick Halsema, 1710 / 1711

Zilver / Silver

Hoogte 46 cm / height 46 cm 1984-34. Aankoop, verworven met steun van de Vereniging Rembrandt / Purchase, acquired with the support of the Rembrandt Union.

A silver fork forged in either 1718 or 1719 by Frerick Halsema. The inset photo shows marks made on the back of the fork, including Frerick Halsema,s silversmith mark. Photo from Gruoninga: Jaarboek Voor Genealogie, Naam- en Wapenkunde, 1988.