The Groot Halsum Farm

by: Hans Halsema

This information is similar and complimentary to the one by John Ketelaars. This one follows the farm into the 1900’s. –editors

The farm is a freehold containing 34.15 hectare of land. Before 1717 there used to be a building called Klein Halsum (Small Halsum) in what is now referred to as the “outside garden”. Klein Halsum was completely destriyed in the Chrismas flood of that year. Its land was subsequently annexed to Groot halsum. the land is sometines called “Smachtje”. It lies on both sides of the Dijksterweg.
On the property was found the redgesrecht , and therefore it probably used to belong to the nobility of Kloosterburen.
Around 1800 the farm was approximately 84 acres in size. since then it has lost some land, as for example the 15 acres that went to the farm “the Molenrij”
The main floor of the house is currently supported by several beams. they are visible from the basement. At one time they formed part of one single beam and came from the barn. It has the following writing:
The drawing room if the house was frequently used for saying mass for the Catholics in the area, during the reformation.
In 1462 the owner of the farm was Tjasse Halbetsuma, Judge of Kloosterburen. In 1521 Garbrandt Halsema, Zijl judge . In 1599 the property belonged to Jacob Halsem and Catharina.
Rinje Tammes and Immo, already residents, bought the farm in 1649. They originally came from the parish of Zuurdijk, from the farm that is currently called Pollux.
Rinje’s son Schelte and Trijnje Jans inherited the property and after them the daughter Catharina Scheltes (Halsema) and Freerk Willems Boelens.
Elisabeth Freerks Boelens and Julle jans become resedent owners in 1754. In 1803 their son Eisse julles Halsema inherits the farm. He was married in 1794 to Martha Jans Smit, who died in 1822. Eisse himself died in 1825.
In 1826 Jan Eisses halsema, already living on the farm, inherits it. He marries Margaretha Frederiks Alma in 1830, who died in 1858. Jan Eisses passed away in1850.
From 1858 to 1866 the farm was jointly owned by the brothers Eisse and Tjaart, sons of Jan Eisses Halsema. Tjaart lived there from 1858 to 1866 ., When Eisse married Regnera Willems Poelma, in 1860, he moved in also. Eisse and Regnera become the sole owners of the farm after 1866. Eisse died in 1915, three years after his wife (deceased in 1912).
In 1912 Hendericus Halsema, the current owner lives on the property. He is not married .