The Groot Halsum Farm

by Koos Halsema

This brief synopsis is similar to the ones by John Ketelaars and Hans Halsema, but we are not sure which Eise Halsema Koos refers to in the last sentence or what year he is refering to.

– editors.

Farm ‘Groot Halsum’ in Kloosterburen was 34,15 hectares. On 25 December 1717 the farm ‘Klein Halsum’ dissappeared due to a flood and is the surface to ‘Groot Halsum’.

Groot Halsum belongs to the noble farmers. One beam takes the names: JACOB HALSEM X CATHARINA sin Huisvrouw. Anno Domini 13 Dec. 1599.

In the time of reformation it served as the room church for Holy Masses (Eucharistie). In 1462 the owner of the farm was Tjasse Halbetsuma and was judge in Kloosterburen. In 1521 Garbrandt Halsema, judge, and in 1599 Jacob Halsema and Catharina.

The farm is now 52 Hectares and Eise Halsema now lives there.