The Halsemas: Descendents of Bole

The Boelens Family, Ancestors of the Halsemas

Bole (aka Boele)  was a farmer  in Oldenzijl. Four relatives are known, who are either his sons or his grandsons. One of these is Julle Boelens, farmer on Feddemaheert in Kloosterburen. Feddemaheert is a farm that once belonged to a monastery. All such farms since the reformation were confiscated by the province and were rented out to farmers against a fee. Farms could remain in the family, provided the fees continued to be paid. Son Luirt continued farming Feddemaheert, and so did grandson Willem. On Willem’s death the farm remained with Frouke Freerks, his widow, who married Renje Halsema. Their descendants now call themselves “Feddema” after the farm.

Freerk, the son of Willem Luirt and Frouke Freerks, was born in about 1690 in Feddemaheert. He married Trijntje Halsema and is the ancestor to all the presently living Halsemas through his daughter Elisabeth. Elisabeth married Julle Jans, had a large family, and farmed Groot Halsum.

Elisabeth’s son, Eisse Julles, is the father of Julius Halsema, born on 10 Jan 1797 in Nijenklooster. Julius is the father of the five Halsema sons, Harmannus, Eusebius, Johannes, Lambert and Johan, who originally settled in Ohio.

One of Elisabeth’s daughters, Aagje Julles, was the mother of Elisabeth Lammerts Jansen who was born on 3 Nov 1780 in Kloosterburen. Elisabeth married Rembertus Scheltes, who also adopted.the name “Halsema”. Their son, Lambertus is the patriarch of the Halsema clan that originally settled in 19th century Indiana.

We gratefully acknowledge all the helpful people who contributed to this information. They include Dr. Gert Schansker in private emails and the authors of “BOELENS, een RK Groninger familie met een grote Bossche tak”, by drs. J.M.B. Boelens en O.J. Nienhuis,  publisher: Profiel , Bedum. Their research is thorough and provides detailed information on many other families, including the Halsemas.

John Ketelaars: Teaches Mathematics and Computer Science and is a consultant for the Toronto District School Board, Toronto, Canada. See his excellent genealogy site, John Ketelaars’ Family Trees. John Ketelaars’ gratefully acknowledges the contributions made by Martha Halsema Donnelly of Renselaer, Indiana. Martha collected the information on the Indiana Halsemas over a period of 50 years.