Halsema Farms in Indiana

From: The Tippecanoe County, Indiana Farmer’s Directory, 1919 Farmer Wife Children Other Household Members Farm Name Township Section Status Acres Owned Owner Resident in County Since Halsema, Cornelius J. Johnson, Minnie Edna, Marie     Shelby 23S Tenant 160 Charles Bender 1891 Halsema, Herman Zink, Katherine       Fairfield 24 Owner 65   1876 Halsema,… Continue reading Halsema Farms in Indiana

Groot Halsema

This farm has played an important role in the history of the Halsema family. Many Halsema‚Äôs around the world owe their surname to the name of this farm Through the centuries many Halsema families have lived there. photo gallery Groot Halsum Photos essay Groot Halsum Farm 1 essay Groot Halsum Farm 2 essay Groot Halsum… Continue reading Groot Halsema


map gallery Antique Kloosterburen Maps map gallery Current Kloosterburen Maps essay Halsemastraat –Dutch & English essay Kloosterburen History — DeMarne essay History – Groningen Villages –Dutch essay History of the Farm Nieuwe Meren essay History of Catholic Church Kloosterburen essay De Afscheiding van Kloosterburen essay The Separation of Klosterburen ParishEnglish Translation of above essay Chalice… Continue reading Kloosterburen

San Antonio, Florida

In about 1892 Larnbertus Julles Halsema was scouting around Florida for a place to live while his wife was in Ohio. He was informed of a Catholic Community in San Antonio, FL about 50 miles south of Bushnell, FL. Life in Bushnell had not been good for the family. San Antonio had a Catholic Church,… Continue reading San Antonio, Florida

Castle Garden, New York

Before Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, immigrants used other points of entry in the State of New York. Castle Garden was New York’s immigrant landing center from 1855 to 1890. From 1896 to 1941 it was New York City’s Aquarium. Today Castle Garden is called Castle Clinton National Monument. It serves as a… Continue reading Castle Garden, New York