Julius Eisses Halsema Baptism: 01/10/1797

Jullius Eisses Halsema was a farmer who was born in Nijenklooster and baptized in Den Hoorn on 10 Jan 1797. He married Geziena Harmannus Boerema in Leens in 1827. He and Geziena had ten children, five of which came to live in the United States. Julius died in den Hoorn on 12 Nov 1870.

He and his wife had a histoy with Farm ‘Nieuwe Meren’. A brief synopsis of the history of the farm follows.

From Koos Halsema, NL:
Farm ‘Nieuwe Meren’ in Mensingeweer.
On 30 December 1811, our anniversary (Koos and Bernarda’s) Harmannus Jans Boerema bought the farm, 27.20.90 Hectares, for Dfl. 12.590,–.

His daughter married Julles, Eisses Halsema. They sold the farm on 15 September 1854.

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Pictured below are the children of Julius Eisses Halsema. The first photgraph is of his actual funeral card which was printed in 1870. These photos come from several sources. In particular the halsema.org editors give thank to Koos Halsema, Sister Claire Marie Halsema, Catherine (Halsema) Blajian, Rita Hoying, Julian Clement Halsema II, and last, but certainly not least, John Ketelaars for these photos.