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Roque Leonardi’s Surname Variant Spellings

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Roque Leonardi’s Surname and His Point of Origin

The Leonardi / Leonardy family arrived in Florida in 1768 with the Andrew Turnbull Expedition. Their destination was New Smyrna, a colony south of the Spanish port city of St. Augustine. Roque Leonardi, a native of Italy, was the bearer of the surname and the first of that name to settle in Florida. The Surname… Continue reading Roque Leonardi’s Surname and His Point of Origin

Italian Coats of Arms

A large part of the arms are scanned from a book dating from 1940. It is thus likely that some arms have changed since. ¬© Ralf Hartemink, 1997, 1998. This site was made possible by the Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten, Den Haag, The Netherlands ITALY Italy has no National Arms, but uses this logo as National… Continue reading Italian Coats of Arms

Leonardi Coat of Arms

These are three versions of a coat of arms we have seen circulated for the Leonardi family who came to Florida through New Smyrna and St Augustine. This version of the Leonardi coat of arms comes from Philip Beasley who states:“A Mrs. Pons was given this coat of arms to give to Philip Martin Leonardi… Continue reading Leonardi Coat of Arms

Cemetery Collection

These photos are of sacred spaces in sacred places. These gravestones often help tell the story of a person and their families. The stones also help to verify genealogical information. If you have photos or information you would like to contribute, please follow this link and contact us.

Antique Documents

Roque Leonardi’s Parents and his Siblings, Gragnanella, Italy Includes Marriage Record for Giovanni Lunardi and Giacoma Biagioni, Their Children’s Baptismal Records and Roque’s Confirmation Record Roque Leonardi’s Children with Esperanza Balle and Agueda Coll, Menorca and Florida includes Roque and Esperanza’s Marriage Record, Menorca, Children’s Baptismal Records, Florida, Roque Leonardi’s Death Record, Florida, Agueda Coll’s… Continue reading Antique Documents

Tampa Daily Times Article

“Mrs. Mary Brown, Descendent Of Italian Nobility, Saw Indian Fights in Tampa”by: Mrs. M. Sidney Gibbons, Tampa Daily Times, 24 December 1924, page 10 section D. As of this writing (2004) we have not been able to determine where the research originated for this article. It dates from 24 December 1924 which predates much of… Continue reading Tampa Daily Times Article

Italian Places in Roque Leonardi’s Life

These photographs are from the area where Roque Leonardi (Rocco Lunardi) was born and baptized. He was born in the town Gragnanella and baptized there in the Catholic Church of San Bartolomeo. Some of the records for Roque’s baptism etc, from Gragnanella were found in the Franciscan Convent in Castelnuovo.