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Roque Leonardi’s Land

Working Hypothesis

by: editors. Hypothesis about Leonardi / Lunardi family history: 1613: Biagio Leonardi is born in Sillico and there marries Pietra Gela Biagioni. The early children are born, among whom is Giovanni Francesco Leonardi. Before 1674: The family goes to Ceserana, where are born Pietro and Rocco. 1682: Biagio and Pietra are dead and the are children young.… Continue reading Working Hypothesis


Sub index for Menorca and Mahon Harbor (Mao): As one reads through the material on this website, one comes to a great appreciation of how Menorca is intricately linked to a group of tens of thousands in the United States whose ancestors came to New Smyrna with about 1500 others as indentured servants so long… Continue reading Menorca

The Grace Leonardi House

by: editors Grace Leonardi lived at 63 Marine Street where many of her ancestors had lived. Below are some photos of the property and an artist’s rendering. There is also a photo and reference to 56 Marine Street.Follow this link to read the History of 63 Marine Street.Follow this link to read the History of 56… Continue reading The Grace Leonardi House

Gragnanella and Castelnuovo, in Garfagnana Italy

by: editors To see additional photos and maps of Gragnanella, Castelnuovo, Garfagnana, and San Bartolome Church follow this link “Gragnanella is an ancient medieval suburb surrounded by woods of chestnut tree and cultivated fields to 480 mt. of altitude, distant only 5 kms from Castelnuovo Garfagnana, chief town of the valley.” The english meaning of… Continue reading Gragnanella and Castelnuovo, in Garfagnana Italy

Fosciandora & Ceserana

by: editors Roque Leonardi’s (Rocco Lunardi) ancestors were from Fosciandora, Ceserana, and Sillico. The information below invites the reader to enter into the world of Rocco Leonardi’s ancestors.

Italian Places in Roque Leonardi’s Life

These photographs are from the area where Roque Leonardi (Rocco Lunardi) was born and baptized. He was born in the town Gragnanella and baptized there in the Catholic Church of San Bartolomeo. Some of the records for Roque’s baptism etc, from Gragnanella were found in the Franciscan Convent in Castelnuovo.