Jackie Green Halsema

Here we have the beginning of the Green family section of halsema.org Photos etc need to be assembled to post here. Doug has some photos.

Martha Halsema Slinger

Martha Halsema (April 18, 1842 – April, 13 1928), wife of Ite Slinger.

Lucius Hieronymus Halsema

Lucius Hieronymus Halsema was born in Molenrij, Gr. on 2 Dec 1902 and died in Wehe-Den Hoorn, Gr. on 28 May 1964. He married Leobina Anna Johanna Spelbrink in Nieuwe Pekela, Gr. on 19 Nov 1936

Lambertus Remt Halsema

Lambertus Remt Halsema was born in Kloosterburen, 2 Mar 1804 and died in Lafayette, 6 Oct 1878. He married Anna Willems Slinger in Kloosterburen, 9 Aug 1827 and they had one child. Lambertus married for the second time, Neeltje Louwes Smit in Kloosterburen, 29 May 1834. Lambertus had one child by his first wife and… Continue reading Lambertus Remt Halsema

Lambertus Julles Halsema

Coming from Holland at 27 years of age, Lambertus Halsema arrived in Castle Garden, New York, May 1866 and went almost immediately to New Bremen, a village in Auglaize County, Ohio founded by German Protestants 34 years earlier. Although they then knew little English, the Halsemas had no problem communicating with the Auglaize County Germans from… Continue reading Lambertus Julles Halsema

Justus Selestine Halsema

Justus came to Jacksonville, Florida in 1911 where he worked in his brother’s saw mill. He himself eventually built many homes in Jax. He was a builder and owned many Apt houses in the Springfield area.

Julle (Juus) H. Halsema

Juus has performed extensive genealogical research on the Halsema family. His generous sharing of information has helped many Halsema’s trace their family roots. You can find additional background about Juus and an invitation to exchange information by clicking on Juus’ name above. A short summary in Dutch is provided on the HazaData-gebruikers website under the letter H.

Julle Jans Halsema

His baptismal record reads: 20 November: Baptized Cloosterburen Julle son of Jan Gerts and Aagtjen Julles //Vrauke Jans. It’s the second record from the bottom. Julle Jans and Elisabeth Freerks Boelens became resedent owners of Groot-Halsum farm in 1754. They had 12 children.

Julius Eisses Halsema

Jullius Eisses Halsema was a farmer who was born in Nijenklooster and baptized in Den Hoorn on 10 Jan 1797. He married Geziena Harmannus Boerema in Leens in 1827. He and Geziena had ten children, five of which came to live in the United States. Julius died in den Hoorn on 12 Nov 1870. He… Continue reading Julius Eisses Halsema

John Cornelius Halsema

Many thanks to Mary Veronica Bresnen for the Photos and the biography. John Cornelius Halsema was born August 1, l876 in New Bremen, Ohio. He was the son of Johannes and Veronica (Dutmer) Halsema. He was prominently identified with educational activities for nearly half a century.